Each summer, the New Jersey Poison Control Center at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School receives an increase in calls related to seasonal hazards. Beyond sunburns and heat-related illnesses, everyday items at home or on vacation can become dangerous.

“Many summer hazards hide in plain sight, sadly leading to an increased number of potentially dangerous exposures,” said Diane Calello, executive and medical director of the poison control center. “With more people likely to purchase alcoholic beverages in the summer, we’re concerned about the increased risk of children accidentally drinking alcohol. Children are extremely sensitive to the poisonous effects of alcohol and can suffer life-threatening symptoms.”

Beverage companies producing nonalcoholic drinks such as SunnyD, Mountain Dew, Arizona, Simply and Dunkin’ also market “hard” or “spiked” seltzers and other products to adult consumers. The labels do indicate the alcohol content, though some consumers may still be unaware. Always read labels carefully to distinguish between alcoholic and nonalcoholic products from the same brand. To read the full story.