A digital badge refers to a visual representation of learned skills and knowledge.  It can be earned by attending a credit or non-credit bearing course, accomplishing a particular course requirement (co-curricular), developing a competency, or acquiring knowledge necessary for professional development.

NJ ACTS is now offering Badges in the following areas – click links to learn more:


Badge Description
Clinical Research Coordination Level 1 To introduce individuals to the responsibilities, knowledge, and tasks performed by entry-level Clinical Research Coordinators.
Community Scientist For community members interested in learning how human subject research can be conducted effectively and safely in their communities.
Lab-to-Market Provides innovators with the understanding to translate academic discoveries into practical solutions.
Team Science: Collaboration in Biomedical Sciences Provides individuals with the key skills, abilities, and knowledge of the principles of team science to conduct transdisciplinary, team-based translational research in the biomedical sciences.