Workforce Development Education and Training

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TL1 Predoctoral/Postdoctoral Awards

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KL2 Mentored Career Development Awards

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Education and training for the clinical and translational research workforce develops and maintains priceless human resources that dedicate themselves to prevent and fight disease. The NJ ACTS Workforce Development Core provides a broad diversity of programs and initiatives in clinical and translational science for the spectrum of investigators, scientists, and clinical research professionals working in this field.

Workforce Development

Research Skills Training

Seminars, workshops, and courses on grant writing, community research, biostatistics, epidemiology, and informatics are available to the NJ ACTS workforce. Pilot project funding available.

Diverse Training Experiences

NJ ACTS offers hands-on training for high school, undergraduate, professional, graduate, and postdoc students as well as faculty. These include internships, fellowships, shadowing, and mini-sabbaticals.

Advanced Education in Clinical Research

Build your career! Certificate or M.S. degree in Clinical Research Management or Clinical and Translational Science. Pharmaceutical industry fellowships are available for Pharm.D. and M.D. graduates.

Clinical Research Management Fellowships

NJ ACTS offers 6-month fellowships in Clinical Research Management at one of multiple Clinical Research Centers across NJ.

Upcoming Trainings at NJ ACTS

Join us for our latest online and in-person trainings to support the career development of the NJ ACTS workforce.

Global Training Outreach

NJ ACTS offers global workforce training through virtual and exchange experiences, facilitated by our NJ ACTS Outreach Coordinator in Botswana.

NJ ACTS Training Awards

TL1 Predoctoral/Postdoctoral Awards
KL2 Mentored Career Development Awards

Additional Programs and Resources

Enhancing Diversity

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