Clinical Research Units

Clinical Research Units (CRUs) provide investigators with the physical space and operational infrastructure necessary to perform high quality clinical and translational research studies. Rutgers boasts five CRUs, located in New Brunswick, Piscataway and Newark, integrated in a collaborative network that balances specialized services devoted to clinical research.  All have a virtual function of assisting investigators with initiating and implementing protocols, as well as coordinating co-managed trials across the network, with cross coverage of experienced staff across sites. All of the CRUs have the physical capability of routine research participant follow-up and assessments. Basic services include outpatient clinical space for patient visits and assessments, phlebotomy, specialty examinations, and drug administration under the supervision of clinicians, specially trained nurses, registered dietitians, and technical and support staff.  Some CRUs offer specialized services such as the pediatric CRU at RWJMS, the environmental CRU at EOHSI, the dental CRU at the Rutgers School at Dental Medicine, and procedural clinical research space at the NJMS CRU. CRU staff are uniquely trained to carry out research protocols under all good clinical practice regulations with an emphasis on patient safety and research quality. All CRUs can help with identifying potential study participants and with completing study visits and other clinical and research requirements. Thus, the CTR network allows researchers to expand the geographic reach of their participants by engaging both CRUs located in Newark and in New Brunswick/Piscataway.

  • New Jersey Medical School (NJMS) Clinical Research Unit, located on the campus of the University Hospital in Newark, provides the core clinical research support for a wide range of studies with adult participants from the Newark area. Specialty services include gynecology and lower anogenital tract clinical research procedures, drug administration, phlebotomy, and tissue acquisition.
  • Adult Clinical Research Unit (ACRU) of the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School offers clinical research space and centralized support to New Brunswick-based studies and is located on 8th floor of the new East Tower building adjacent to the RWJ University Hospital.
  • Pediatric Clinical Research Unit (PCRU) of Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, located in the Child Health Institute in New Brunswick, is the region’s only CRU dedicated to providing the infrastructure to conduct clinical research in children less than 21 years old.
  • School of Dental Medicine Clinical Research Unit provides centralized facilities for investigators to conduct dental clinical research. The facility includes separate dental chair stations with x-ray capabilities and space, and is located in Newark.
  • The Clinical Unit for Environmental and Occupational Health, located on Rutgers’ Busch Campus in Piscataway at the Institute for Environmental and Occupational Health, is the Clinical Research Unit for the NIEHS-designated Center for Excellence in Environmental Toxicology. This facility offers collection of specimens/data such as sputum induction, exhaled breath condensate, and vascular reactivity for cardiovascular and respiratory biomarkers of exposure and effect.  It also supports our unique controlled environment facility for human inhalation exposures.


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