The New Jersey Alliance for Clinical and Translational Science (NJ ACTS) is committed to advancing clinical and translational science to develop new therapies and treatments and improve health and health care in New Jersey. NJ ACTS specifically promotes innovations that speed the translation of research into better health outcomes for New Jerseyans by fostering broad collaborative investigation that accelerates discovery and drives dialogue across the bench, bedside, and community continuum. The NJ ACTS structure is made up of Core areas that provide the expertise and structure needed to accomplish these goals. 


Regulatory and quality assurance support in all aspects of clinical research


Assisting investigators with measurable indicators of biological states

Special Populations

Integrating Special Pops into research study design, research teams, and as participants

Workforce Development

Comprehensive and flexible training for a diverse workforce


Integrates and enhances  data from disparate clinical & research sources


Data analysis and management, epidemiology, and biostatistics services for investigators


Engagement with the community to ensure that our efforts respond to their priorities

Team Science

Addressing scientific challenges by leveraging expertise of varied professional disciplines


Supporting mentored research career development for clinical investigators


Supports students seeking an introduction to clinical and translational research


Fosters team and interdisciplinary research and inspires new methodologies

Machine Learning

Using machine learning to investigate patterns of mental illness and chronic disease