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Greenphire’s ClinCard, a reloadable debit card system, is available to Rutgers researchers. This system is the preferred method of payment at Rutgers for clinical research studies with recurrent follow up visits. The system allows for milestone study visit payments, as well as for reimbursement of travel expenses with appropriate receipts.

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Transition from MasterCard to Visa

As of 2/28/24, all new studies using ClinCard will be set up using the new Visa Program. Existing studies on MasterCard will remain on MasterCard.

Click here for a recording of our recent webinar about this transition OR view the slide deck.


In addition to the cost of the stipends and travel reimbursements, there is a charge to the study for each card provided to participants as well as an upload charge for each payment made. These fees must be included in your study budgets. 

For Rutgers Employees, click here to view the current fee schedule. If you’re having trouble accessing the fee schedule, please e-mail

Getting Started with ClinCard

If you are a study coordinator or investigator who is new to using ClinCard, please follow these steps:

  1. Review these two documents:
  1. Complete the attached ClinCard Access Form. E-mail the completed form, as well as a statement that you have reviewed the required materials above, to Note that you will receive your log-in credentials only once your name has been associated with a study.


If  you are an approver for your school or unit who is new to using ClinCard, please follow these steps:

  1. Review these two documents:
  2. Complete the ClinCard Access Form and note that you are requesting access as an approver. After completing the DocuSign form, the form will be sent to your supervisor, manager, director, or department chair. Upon signature by that party, your account will be generated and the information will be sent to you via email. Note that you will receive your log-in credentials only once your name has been associated with a study.
Setting Up a New Study in ClinCard
  1. You will need the following:
    • Fully executed study or project contract with finalized budget (showing that subject stipends and/or travel expenses have been anticipated)
    • Oracle project number assigned to the study (Note: exceptions can be made if you are ready to enroll before a project number has been established. Inquire by sending an e-mail to
    • Rutgers eIRB number
    • Final IRB approved consent form (showing the IRB-approved stipend amounts and any reimbursements offered for travel expenses)
    • Completed Excel Schedule of Events for Study Payments/Reimbursements (Note: please see the RBHS ClinCard program overview for tips on completing this template. Remember also to save the file in case changes are needed after the study starts.)
    • Completed Excel ClinCard User and Approver List. This lists the individuals authorized to make subject payments for this study and the list of approvers authorized by your school or unit for this study, as well as the individual(s) authorized and responsible for completing the monthly journal entries in Oracle for the study charges. Note: If you have questions about who you should list on this template, please inquire by e-mailing (Remember to also save this file in case changes are needed after the study starts.)
  2. Complete the ClinCard Study Set-up Request
Making changes to study personnel in ClinCard after the study starts

To add or delete study personnel authorized to make payments, make the required edits to the ClinCard User and Approver List for the study. Provide the effective dates, name the file as “revised” and add the date of the revisions. E-mail the revised document to Note that any new study personnel will need to review the ClinCard Site Coordinator Reference Guide and the ClinCard Rutgers Overview

ClinCard Consent Process & Subject-facing Materials

In accordance with Rutgers HRPP policy, research participants must consent to use ClinCard through language added to the payment section of the main study consent form.  The specific template language to insert into the main study consent form may be found on the HRPP website.  (See the Human Research Protection Program Toolkit, section B – Consent Templates, under Consent Addenda.)  This language should be used regardless of whether Rutgers is the IRB of record or if a commercial or central IRB is used.

Additionally, Rutgers HRPP has approved the following documents to provide to research subjects:


ClinCard Cardholder FAQClinCard Cardholder FAQ – (Spanish)MasterCard Face-to-Face Disbursement LetterMasterCard Face-to-Face Disbursement Letter – (Spanish)


Visa Cardholder Agreement – English
Visa Cardholder Agreement – Spanish
Visa FAQ – English
Visa FAQ – Spanish

You may also direct research participants to the new Rutgers ClinCard User website.  This site provides additional information for study participants on using ClinCard as well as links for ClinCard support.

Making changes to the subject stipend schedule after the study starts

To make changes to the schedule of events for study payments (for example, to add visits if the study has been extended or to change the amount of the payments), edit the excel template, highlight the changes required, name the file as “revised” and add the date of the revisions. E-mail the revised document to

School/unit contacts for disbursement of ClinCards
School/Unit Contacts Email Telephone
RWJMS Sherri Gzemski
Sylvia Rodrigo
NJMS Yanille Taveras
Chantey Roberts
CINJ William Cadwell
Joseph Blay
Accessing the ClinCard Portal

Once you have received your ClinCard credentials and are associated with a study that has been set up in ClinCard, you may access the ClinCard Portal to pay your research participants through this link. You may either use your Rutgers NetID and password, or your distinct ClinCard username and password, if you were granted access prior to 9/21/2020.

Best Practices for Card Accountability

It is recommended that ClinCard study staff dispensing the cards keep a log to document each card that is dispensed to research participants. The log should include the following information:

  • Date the card was dispensed
  • Last four digits of the 16-digit card number
  • Expiration date
  • Token Number (provided on the letter that comes with the card)
  • Study Subject name
  • Study
  • Name or initials of the coordinator who provided the card to the subject

Click here the Template ClinCard Accountability Log