Clinical Research Units

RBHS boasts five Clinical Research Units (CRUs), located in New Brunswick, Piscataway and Newark.  As Core services, the CRUs provide Rutgers investigators with access to trained clinical research clinicians as well as clinical space to conduct study visits and procedures.

Clinical Research Unit Location
New Jersey Medical School (NJMS) Clinical Research Unit 90 Bergen St, Suite 1200,
Clinical Research Center (CRC), RWJMS 8th Floor of the East Tower Building, New Brunswick
Pediatric Clinical Research Center, RWJMS Child Health Institute, New Brunswick
The Clinical Center for Environmental and Occupational Health EOHSI, Piscataway
School of Dental Medicine Clinical Research Unit Newark


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DEEP6Deep6 AI Cohort Builder is an artificial intelligence tool available to RBHS researchers to assist in feasibility assessment as well as finding participants for clinical trials. Using artificial intelligence and EMR data sources, Deep6 AI Cohort Builder enables the Clinical Trials Office to help you find potential participants in minutes. Read More Here.