Rutgers University is providing free Narcan kits supplied by the New Jersey Department of Human Services on its New Brunswick, Camden and Newark campuses as a preventive measure to enhance the safety and well-being of community members.

Rutgers officials said the proactive initiative ensures faculty, staff and students are equipped to respond effectively to opioid overdoses and potentially save lives in their communities. Naloxone is a rapid-reversal medication for opioid overdoses commonly known as Narcan. The state government has provided the nasal spray free of charge to Rutgers and other universities.

“The impact of the nationwide opioid epidemic, coupled with the state’s free availability of this medication and our commitment to helping others, led us to seize this opportunity,” said Noa’a Shimoni, the associate vice president for student health and wellness at Rutgers. “This measure empowers community members to help prevent overdoses, which can happen anywhere. Now, our students can be better prepared to help if needed in our New Jersey communities.” To read the full story.