Many students throughout Rutgers are interested in health-related experiences, and not just students in “traditional” health majors. The Rutgers Global Health Institute Student Council, which is universitywide and is directly affiliated with our institute, is now accepting applications from students to join the council for a two-year term.

The deadline for students to apply is Friday, September 17:


Global health is more about health equity than it is about geography. Global health efforts in service, education, training, capacity building, and research are local (e.g., many Rutgers global health activities are in New Jersey, especially New Brunswick, Newark, and Camden) as well as international. 

More so, global health relies on many disciplines and areas of practice in order to be successful: communication, business, social services, project management, community organizing, medicine, environmental issues, lab sciences, pharmacy, health professions, human resources, teaching, nursing, politics, economics… you name it, global health benefits from it!

The Rutgers Global Health Institute Student Council is a growing organization where student leaders can make a difference at Rutgers, in New Jersey, and in the world.