nj acts logoPlease read Dr. Reichman’s article in Pediatrics titled, “Gestational Age at Term and Educational Outcomes at Age Nine.

Extensive research has been conducted to investigate educational outcomes of very preterm infants (<32 weeks), who consistently have been found to be at high risk for poor school performance. Studies of late-preterm (34–36 weeks) infants have also revealed worse school outcomes when compared with children born at early term (37–38 weeks), but with much smaller decrements. Fewer studies have been focused on gestational age (GA) and educational outcomes among term births. Most of what is known in this regard comes from countries other than the United States, which lacks a national database that links birth information to educational records. To read the full article.

Gestational Age at Term and Educational Outcomes at Age Nine. Hedges A, Corman H, Noonan K, Reichman NE. 2021 Aug;148(2):e2020021287. PMID: 34244451 PMCID: PMC8344335 DOI: 10.1542/peds.2020-021287 Epub 2021 Jul 9.