nj acts logoPlease read Dr. Kurtzman’s article in titled, “Oncologists’ Perspectives on Cancer Survivorship: What Role Should Primary Care Play?

Individuals diagnosed with cancer are living longer due to improved screenings and treatments,  leading to many cancer survivors with unique cancer-related needs which must be cared for alongside other comorbidities. Oncology has largely assumed responsibility for providing survivorship care through survivorship clinics and programs within cancer centers.  However, for nearly 20 years, governmental and professional organizations have called for increased integration and engagement of primary care in cancer survivorship, with the aging population of cancer survivors further exacerbating this need.  Primary care plays a unique role in the longitudinal care of individuals, providing whole-person care and taking responsibility for most health needs.  Prior research has found only a minority of oncologists agree primary care has the necessary skills to provide follow-up for individuals with a history of cancer. Still, most oncologists acknowledge a significant proportion of their patients could be transferred to primary care, and primary care is better suited to addressing non-cancer comorbidities. To read the full article.

Oncologists’ Perspectives on Cancer Survivorship: What Role Should Primary Care Play? Kurtzman RT, Barry K, Howard J, Hudson SV, Crabtree BF. Cancer Control. 2023 Jan-Dec;30:10732748231195436. PMID: 37622197 PMCID: PMC10467282 DOI: 10.1177/10732748231195436