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Hypoparathyroidism treatment requires daily recombinant hormone injections. Hypoparathyroidism affects around 77,000 adults in the United States. It is a disease in which patients fail to produce sufficient amounts of PTH or PTH lacks activity. This results in low calcium levels, elevated phosphorus in the serum, and chronically reduced bone turnover rates. Patients suffer from symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, mouth numbness, twitching in face, and insomnia. The most common type of hypoparathyroidism is acquired postoperatively after thyroid or parathyroid surgery.

Hypoparathyroidism is increasingly being recognized as an endocrine disorder with unmet need. One challenge is overcoming the short half-life of PTH which is measured to be around 4 min in native form and about 2 h for rhPTH 1–84. There are several companies adding hypoparathyroidism to their pipelines with a range of novel therapeutics from cell and gene therapies to small molecules. Drugs in development aim to reduce injection frequency, or have improved stability to be administered orally. To read the full article.

Bioactive, full-length parathyroid hormone delivered using an adeno-associated viral vector. Burr AM, Zuckerman PC, Castillo AB, Partridge NC, Parekkadan B. Exp Biol Med (Maywood). 2022 Jun 6:15353702221097087. PMID: 35666091 DOI: 1177/15353702221097087 Online ahead of print.