A new internship program at Rutgers infuses global health concepts into local social work practices, and it’s already making an impact on the students and community members involved. A joint effort between the Rutgers School of Social Work and Rutgers Global Health Institute, the internship is a sustainable opportunity for social work undergraduates to participate in fieldwork at New Brunswick social services organizations while also engaging in global health-oriented mentoring and education. This semester, the internship program’s first cohort of social work students—Lauren Gayoso-Acuna, Valentina Gil, Jessica Greene, and Athena McDowall—are completing their fieldwork degree requirements at Elijah’s Promise and New Brunswick Tomorrow. While some of these interns’ projects are very focused—for example, helping people sign up for the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or apply for the state’s Charity Care benefits—the students are gaining a broad appreciation for the connections between people’s social and environmental conditions and their health and well-being. To read the full story.