More than 19,000 Rutgers graduates from the university’s 29 schools and colleges recently received degrees, certificates, and diplomas in over 550 programs of study. Many of them are now embarking upon career paths that will shape their lives—and the world around them. For those who want to incorporate global health into their professional pursuits, there are plenty of opportunities to consider.

“Global health is much more than medicine. There are countless jobs and professions that are connected to improving the health of people around the world,” says Richard Marlink, the director of Rutgers Global Health Institute. “Yes, you can become a doctor or a nurse. But you also can have a global health career in environmental science, or engineering, or nonprofit management, or food systems research, or finance. The list goes on. Global health is about addressing inequities in health, no matter what field of work or what location of that work.” To read the full story.