Ashutosh Goel, a professor in the School of Engineering’s (SoE) Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) who also conducts research in Rutgers’ Corning Glass Science and Engineering Laboratory, is quick to point out how glass surrounds us.

“Smartphones and computers need scratch-proof glass screens,” says Goel, who joined SoE in 2014 as a faculty member and to rejuvenate a glass research program at Rutgers, thanks to a grant from Corning Incorporated.  “Every windmill blade has tons of glass in it; glass spun into fiber insulates our homes; and it is playing an increasingly critical role in nuclear waste management.”

Even as he delights in the versatility of glass, he bemoans the US industry’s severe shortage of glass scientists. It’s a challenge he has addressed by building a state-of-the-art lab and a growing network of national and international industry and academic collaborators. In the process, he has helped establish Rutgers as a world-class glass and ceramics research hub that’s working towards solving the issues relevant for our sustainable future, for example, nuclear waste management, and as one of the tangible outputs of his research, creating a well-trained and skilled workforce for the global glass and ceramic industry. To read the full story.