Inclusivity and Research Integrity: Who is Responsible
Virtual Conference | October 13 – 14, 2021

Research integrity is not often spoken about in terms of diversity and inclusion.  This two-day conference will address some of the fundamental questions below.

  • Why does diversity and inclusion matter to research integrity?
  • What does the scientific community gain through the contributions from scholars of underrepresented populations? How does this promote the public perception of science?
  • How is the quality of science improved when each of us steps up and supports inclusive environments?

Join us to discuss why inclusivity matters for robust, responsible research and who is responsible for fostering and maintaining healthy research environments. We will discuss impediments to diversity in science, and provide insight into practices that can foster healthy research climates at our institutions. The conference will also include panelists profiled in the PBS-Nova Documentary, Picture a Scientist.  Registered attendees will be able to view this important documentary free online.


This free conference is open to any individuals involved in research at higher education institutions. It is targeted to research integrity leaders, educators, research administrators, graduate students, and postdoctoral scholars.

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