Babies born prematurely are known to have a higher risk of various complications and long-term health conditions, including attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.  But babies born just a bit early – at 37 or 38 weeks – also have a high risk of developing ADHD, a new study from Rutgers University suggests.  Researchers found babies born at 37 to 38 weeks – an early-term birth – had 23% higher scores for hyperactivity and 17% higher ADHD scores compared to those born at 39 to 41 weeks. Babies born prior to 37 weeks are considered premature.  The findings support current recommendations to delay elective caesarean section births until the unborn baby reaches 39 weeks, the researchers said. They also emphasized the the importance of regular screenings for ADHD symptoms among children born at 37 to 38 weeks.  To read the full story.