VIII Plan for SRB Review

The RBHS-wide Scientific Review Board’s  (SRB) function is to evaluate the scientific merit, quality, and progress of all clinical studies across RBHS (with the exception of oncology studies which are reviewed by the CINJ SRB).

Its mission is to assure that clinical studies at RBHS are of the highest quality by providing support to RBHS faculty and helping them improve their prospects of funding.

The Scientific Review Board advises investigators in the development of IRB protocols, evaluates protocols for scientific merit, feasibility, and quality. It ensures that protocols meet their accrual goals in a timely fashion and manage competition for small study populations between studies with overlapping eligibility. The SRB makes recommendations for investigator-initiated studies with sufficient scientific merit to warrant allocation of administrative resources required for conduct of the study.

In addition, where possible it makes policy and/or procedural recommendations to VC for Translational Medicine & Science that would strengthen the development of clinical studies

The SRB prioritizes its review of research based on the following:

  • Investigator-Initiated Research
  • Funded or has good potential for funding
  • Junior faculty
  • Research that entails greater than minimal risk to human subjects


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