VII Recruitment Materials & Informed Consent Documents

Recruitment (Advertising) Materials are used to encourage or persuade a pool of subjects to become part of your research study. Advertising may be the first information about research seen by subjects and is most often used in recruitment. It cannot be coercive or make false promises or claims. The process of informed consent is often conceptualized to begin at the recruitment stage. Prepare recruitment materials (including phone scripts, posters, and advertisements) as needed, and informed consent documents (including assents for minors and decisionally impaired adults).

For guidance on Study Advertisement Materials.

The various Templates for Informed Consent (e.g., adult consent, parental permission, surrogate consent) can be found under Template at the bottom of the HSPP Toolkit website. Additional guidance for preparing Informed Consent is available here. You may also want to consult HRP-090 SOP for Informed Consent Process for Research as well as HRP-091 SOP Written Documentation of Consent.

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