Grant Writing Training


(NIH F Grants)

Career and Research

(NIH K and R Grants)

Participants:  PhD Students and Junior Postdoc Fellows

Timing: Weekly from September to December

Activities: Each week, fellows submit drafts of specific grant application components for peer review and comments by the grant coach. Fellows meet with the grant coach for 1-hour a week to discuss parts of the grant application, sponsored programs, peer review, NIH review groups and institutes, responding to peer review critiques, and submission of the final grant application in December.

Fellowship – Specific Aims Checklist

Participants:  Senior Postdoc Fellows and Faculty (Early and Middle Career)

Timing: Monthly

Activities: The Grant Writing Group meets once monthly to review Specific Aims pages for K and R grants. Participants receive copies of Aims pages the day before the meeting in order to read and prepare. Each Aims page is discussed for 10-15 min. This program fosters peer review among participants and greater awareness of diverse research programs across NJ ACTS.

K or R – Specific Aims Checklist

Grant Writing 101: NIH Grant Writing Bootcamp

This 1-day in-person bootcamp will be held on July 10th 9am-5pm in the EOHSI Building on the Busch Campus. This session is intended for novice grant writers planning to submit a K or R grant in the next year. If you have experience with submitting grants to NIH already, this bootcamp may be too basic for you.

Participants: Postdocs, residents, fellows, faculty, instructors, and clinicians working towards career (K) and research (R) grants for submission to NIH.

Timing: Wednesday, July 10th (9a-5p)

Agenda Items: Topics we will cover include navigating Rutgers Grants office (RAPSS) and NIH’s ERA Commons, using Budget Templates, writing compelling Specific Aims pages, building Research Strategies and Training Plans, advice from recent awardees and experienced peer reviewers and resubmitting grant applications.

Enrollment Fee: We have a limited number of spots for this bootcamp. The fee for attending this bootcamp is $80 for faculty and staff/administration and $40 for postdocs/residents/fellows. If your application for the bootcamp is selected, you will receive an email to submit payment.

Wall of Honor

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