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This Clinical Researcher Coordinator Badging Course is designed to introduce individuals to the responsibilities, knowledge, and tasks performed by entry-level Clinical Research Coordinators.

CRC Badge
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What is a Badge

The use of badging to demonstrate competence is an old honored tradition used by both the military and scouting organizations.  Digital badging became popular in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s when game-based elements were introduced into the classroom to engage learners.  It is now becoming increasingly popular among institutions of higher education to award badges for learning and perfecting specific competencies related to a field of study.   

Description of the Clinical Research Coordinator Badge

This CRC Badging Course is designed to introduce individuals to the responsibilities, knowledge, and tasks performed by entry-level Clinical Research Coordinators. Participants will achieve level 1 competency in six clinical trial competency domains governing the conduct of clinical trials: Scientific Concepts and Research Design, Ethics & Participant Safety Considerations, Investigational Products Development & Regulation, Clinical Study Operations (GCP), Study and Site Management, and Data Management & Informatics.  These domains have been outlined by the Joint Task Force for Clinical Trial Competency For further information on Clinical Trial Competencies, click here.

The CRC Badging course consists of 5 modules and must be completed in 8 weeks.  Each module begins with a video introduction outlining the topics, and ends with a multiple-choice quiz.  Participants receive three attempts to earn a minimum of 90% on the quizzes before moving to the next module. The modules must be completed in order.

The CRC badge is issued by Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences in collaboration with the New Jersey Alliance for Clinical and Translational Science (NJACTS).  It is free to all Rutgers faculty, staff, and students, and to the NJACTS member institutions.

Module One Scientific Concepts and Research Design

This module describes the foundational principles governing drug development including pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, and reviews how a suspected adverse drug reaction (ADR) may be identified.  Participants will also learn some basic research designs and statistics used to evaluate drug effectiveness and apply this knowledge to critically analyze study results.

Module Two Ethical & Participant Safety Considerations

This module encompasses the ethical care of patients enrolled in a clinical trial.  Participants will learn about the historical events that have led to the current human subject’s protection regulations and evolution of informed consent.  The mission, functions, and procedures of the Institutional Review Boards and treatment of vulnerable subjects are reviewed.

Module Three Investigational Products Development & Regulation

Participants will learn the regulations that must be followed when bringing product to market.  Investigational New Drug Applications (INDAs) and New Drug Applications (NDAs) are described, and the stages of drug development are reviewed in detail.

Module Four Clinical Study Operations and Site Management

This module takes the participant on the drug development journey by covering events taking place at a study site and at the sponsor.  It operationalizes the conduct of a clinical trial and reviews specific tasks that must be performed.

Module Five Data Management & Informatics

Successful drug discovery depends on collecting quality data.  This module reviews how study data is handled as well as data privacy regulations.  Rules regulating reporting of adverse drug reactions are also covered.

Cost per Participant
Academic Institutions$200/participant
Other CTSA Hubs$200/participant
Non-affiliated Health Systems, Pharma Companies$800/participant
Rutgers-CINJ-Barnabas Rutgers Health, Faculty, Employees and StudentsFree to members of NJACTS

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