V          Consider Special Study Requirements


Special Populations – Does the selection of subjects demonstrate an awareness of the use of populations already being studied at Rutgers? (see Special Populations) Be alert to the pitfall of selecting a population just because they are easily available such as students and employees.

Biosafety & Radiation – Does the research involve activities involving human derived samples such as blood/fluid, urine/stool, saliva, oral/nasal swab, or tissue samples (including purchased human cell lines), human embryonic stem cells or radioactive material? See Biosafety and Biosafety Radiation and Laboratory Safety.

Genomic Research – Does the research involve whole-genome sequencing techniques to study the development or progression of a disease? See Genomics Research.

Export Controlled Substances – Will the research involve shipping biologic, toxin, or chemical that may require shipping approvals? See Export Controlled Substances Shipping Approvals.

Surrogate Consent – Will the research involve obtaining a surrogate consent? See Impaired Consent.

International Studies – Will the study be conducted internationally? See International Research.

Internet Research – Will the study use computer-based or internet methods to collect data? See Internet Research.

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