Recruitment Email Requirements


ResearchMatch will provide the researchers with contact information from those volunteers interested in receiving more information. The team can then follow-up with a recruitment email directly from the Investigator. The text of this email must be reviewed and approved by the IRB in advance.

The email should include the following elements:

  • Personalized greeting (Hello/Dear Name)
  • Remind the participant that he/she responded to an email from stating that he/she might be interested in participating in XYZ study
  • Thank him/her for their interest
  • Direct to the next step
    • “you can simply click on the link below to get started”, “please go to this website to schedule your first appointment”, etc.
  • Include again the main details of the study as was included in the first email from ResearchMatch
  • Include compensation information, if applicable
  • Thank the participant
  • Signature with detailed PI contact information
    • name(s), department affiliated with, university affiliated with, contact email, phone number of PI or someone who can answer questions

Example of an IRB-approved recruitment email.

For Questions?

If you have questions or need guidance on preparing the either of the required contact messages please contact your university liaison for assistance at