High Performance Computing

Rutgers Office of Advanced Research Computing (OARC) provides strategic leadership in advancing Rutgers University’s research and scholarly achievements through advanced research computing (HPC), data science, and advanced networking in partnership with the Office of Research and Economic Development, the Office of Information Technology, and the academic and research communities across all campuses.

OARC Services


James Barr von Oehsen

Associate Vice President of the Office of Advances Research Computing (OARC)

Barr von OehsenAs Associate Vice President of OARC, Dr. von Oehsen is responsible for providing strategic leadership in advancing Rutgers University’s research and scholarly achievements through next generation computing, networking, data technologies, and creative learning environments.
Email: barr.vanoehsen@rutgers.edu

Kristin Lepping

Director, Office of Advances Research Computing

Kristin LeppingKristin Lepping manages and directs the business operations and administrative team. Her primary focus at OARC is in business and grant management, human resource processes, and furthering the department’s education and outreach programs.
Email: klepping@rutgers.edu

Galen Collier

Director, Research Support

Galen CollierDr. Collier manages research IT and leads facilitation activities. He has designed and implemented distributed computing and storage systems, managed network and data security systems, and led student/staff teams on technical infrastructure development projects.
Email: gc563@oarc.rutgers.edu

Janae Baker

Senior Program Coordinator

Janae Baker leads OARC’s education, outreach, and workforce development initiatives.
Email: janae.baker@rutgers.edu

For OARC assistance, email help@hpc.rutgers.edu

Contact Galen Collier to suggest topics for the OARC Weekly Open Workshop.

Rutgers Discovery Informatics Institute (RDI2) Description and Resources

Rutgers Discovery Informatics Institute (RDI2)provides expertise in multidisciplinary computational and data-enabled research, advanced high performance computing research infrastructure, as well as support, training and consulting services.

The Rutgers Discovery Informatics Institute (RDI2) uses advanced computation to address today’s compute- and data-intensive challenges in science, engineering, and industry. The overarching goal of the Institute is to establish a comprehensive and internationally competitive Computational and Data-Enabled Science and Engineering (CDS&E) effort at Rutgers University that will nurture the fundamental integration of research, education, and infrastructure.  RDI2, with support from the State of New Jersey has established a balanced advanced research computational and data environment composed of large-scale high-end compute engines and clusters, as well as significant co-located storage with embedded analytics capabilities. This platform provides researchers, students, industry and government across the state with access to ACI capabilities for research and instruction. For more information.

monitor photoKey ACI resources and services provided by RDI2 include:

  • Capability Computing:
  • Capacity Computing Infrastructure:
  • Networking: RU Backbone, Internet2 Connectivity
  • Connectivity to National ACI via XSEDE

For information about the RDI2, contact 848-445-8414 or info@RDI2.rutgers.edu

For information about RDItraining and education contact 848-445-5117 or Deborah Silver