Biomedical Informatics Services

Biomedical Informatics provides tools, expertise and training for researchers studying patient data, specimens and images. While its emphasis is on oncology, services and expertise are available to all translational and clinical researchers.


  • Biomedical Informatics Support for Genome Scale Analyses: DNA graphiccomputational hardware and Biomedical Informatics software development to manage very large data sets generated and to extract biomedical insights from the data collected.
  • Microarray Database and Analysis: experimental design and analysis of microarray data, often generated by the Functional Genomics Shared Resource, including pathway analysis and molecular modeling.
  • CINJ Warehouse Services/Integrative Cancer Biology and Data Mining: organize and implement informatics initiatives and their associated cyber-infrastructure and support capabilities to ensure effective aggregation and management of knowledge.
  • Clinical Data Repository and Servicesdata repository for the population sciences, epidemiologists and clinicians in the various disease specific groups at Rutgers Cancer Institute to view populations and disease trends of patients. Staff work with OnCore Clinical Trial Data Management System. They are working with the commercial vendor to expand on the capabilities for real-time electronic data capture to ensure that the right data in the right format flows into appropriate data repositories in an efficient and secure manner.
  • Histopathology Imaging and Computational Image Analysis: Digital pathology technology to digitize de-identified patient specimens and experimental specimens for easy storage, duplication, sharing and analysis.
  • Cheminformatics Analysis: Using computational tools and techniques for a range of problems in the field of chemistry, chemical and structural biology, and molecular discovery including drug discovery
  • Clinical Data Warehouse: A project developing a standards-based informatics platform and clinical data warehouse to support both small and large-scale investigations and integrating data Electronic Medical Records (EMR); Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS), Tumor Registries, Biospecimen Repositories, Radiology and Pathology archives and next generation sequencing devices.

For more information contact: David J. Foran, PhD, Chief Informatics Officer, Executive Director of Biomedical Informatics