COVID-19 Data Analytics Platform

NCATS National COVID Cohort Collaborative (N3C) Data Enclave is a centralized and secure data platform, featuring powerful analytics capabilities for online discovery, visualization and collaboration. The data are robust in scale and scope and are transformed into a harmonized data set to help scientists study COVID 19.The goal is to collect and make available vast amounts of clinical data for speeding research and improving patient care. The Data Enclave is open to academic researchers, clinicians, and citizen scientists.The N3C Data Enclave is not a search engine.  It is a secure platform to remotely study complex questions using m/billions of data points.

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NEW! N3C Updated Dashboard, Phenotype Tool and Datasets
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N3C Dashboard View and analyze data in our secure N3C Data Enclave. The data include harmonized de-identified information from electronic health records. The Data Enclave is open to academic researchers, clinicians, and citizen scientists. Register for an account now!
N3C Phenotype Tool Explore demographics, comorbidities, labs and meds for different phenotypes. Register for an account now!
N3C External Datasets A list of public datasets that have been ingested into the N3C Data Enclave, along with their associated metadata, can be viewed after logging into the External Dataset entry of the Data Catalog. External datasets that are openly available to the public for download can be ingested into the N3C Data Enclave by request.
NEW! N3C Orientation Sessions, Domain Teams and How to Get Involved with N3C
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Orientation Sessions

Session A – (Recommended before attending Session B)
This session is for those who want to learn about N3C, as well as how to engage with project teams and access the data. Register Here!

Session B – (Completion of Session A is recommended)
This session is for analysts, statisticians, data scientists, or anyone who wants to gain a broader understanding of the tools needed to work with the data. Register Here!

Domain Teams Rural Health DT
The Rural Health Domain Team seeks to understand the epidemiology, utilization, treatment, and outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic in rural communities.

COVID-19 Vaccination
The goal of this Domain Team is to study the impact of vaccinations in combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to Get Involved with N3C

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Joining Workstreams:
N3C Data Ingestion & Harmonization Workstream
N3C Phenotype & Data Acquisition Workstream
N3C Collaborative Analytics Workstream
N3C Data Partnership & Governance Workstream
N3C Synthetic Clinical Data Workstream
N3C Implementation Workstream- Coming soon


Kinds of Questions N3C Can Address

• Do some therapies work better than others? By region? By demographic?
• Can we predict who might have severe outcomes if they have COVID-19?
• Can we predict acute renal failure in COVID+ patients?
• Who might need a ventilator because of lung failure?
• Why are some people asymptomatic?
• What kind of long-term health consequences will people need to know about?
• Can this research help prioritize people who should be immunized first when a vaccine is ready?
• Does diabetes/fasting glucose increase risk of morbidity and mortality of COVID-19 diagnoses?
• Can we compare rates of infectivity within school-aged children prior to school reopening and after?
• What other health factors increase risk for COVID (smoking, alcohol, prior surgeries, environment (zip codes + pollution)?
• What social determinants of health are risk factors for mortality?