Subject Recruitment & Incentives

The Research Protocol Templates ask that you describe the methods that will be used to identify subjects.   You will need to provide a detailed description for how the subject will be recruited, approached/solicited (what materials will be used), who will do the informing and consenting, the conditions under which the subject will be approached, exactly what they will be told, etc. Be frank about potential for coercion and present a plan for managing such possibilities.

If advertising is needed for subject recruitment, describe your plan for using media, and provide a copy of any advertising (ads, posters, hand-outs), wording of public service announcements (see Subject Recruitment). If access to subjects is by way of an institutional relationship (i.e., clients or patients of another facility), obtain a letter of cooperation from the “gatekeeper” for that facility. Note that an amendment may be submitted to request extending recruitment to additional sites after initial IRB approval.

Subject Compensation/Reimbursement -Researchers may compensate research subjects for their participation, but payment arrangements (type of payment and justification for the amount) must be disclosed to and approved by the IRB. Subjects are not paid to assume risk, but can be compensated for the time and inconvenience involved in participating. The IRB restricts payment arrangements that appear to be coercive and should not encourage subjects to participate or continue to participate against their better judgment.